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Once again, you are free to use this template in any way you desire. If you like it, use it, sell it, make a fortune with it, I'll be happy. I did the picture on the right, so you can use that as well.

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Well, depending on what drug from different different side effects. Here's an example from cialis side effects not very strong, mild headache, sometimes fatigue deterioration increases. From levitra side effects do not manifest, only rare can be a headache, which is not so strong, more like a hangover.

From the generic, pills about the same as from Cialis side effects pain in my head is stronger, more not for hangovers similar to be honest. Viagra, well here is the endgame already, when as often severe headaches, noticed more fatigue, sometimes begin to hurt the kidneys. Soft pills does not cause side effects and if it is, then in the morning